The Big Book Move

We recently completed a slightly epic book move project, which saw our Librarian’s long-held ambition of having all of the books on the ground floor rearranged into the correct number order, come to life!  This will (hopefully) help make it a lot easier for our readers (and me) to find and re-shelve books.

With support from our Librarian, I was given the challenge of organising and planning the move and in order to celebrate its completion (and in honour of my addiction to ‘The Great British Bake Off‘) I created a useful (if not entirely serious) ‘recipe’ guide to show how I did it!

I definitely enjoyed the challenge and it’s great to stand back and see the final result with everything tidy and in order.

As it was my first book move project, I learned a lot about the process and would feel confident approaching the next one.  I also gained great experience in managing the project; having to make decisions on the best order for the move and how best to utilise resources such as other members of staff, available trolleys and time.

Next steps? I guess this is making sure the ground floor stays tidy and in order 🙂 But also making sure our readers can find things in the new order.  I’m also looking forward to applying the skills gained here in future projects too!


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