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23 Things – 23/23 What Next?

My ‘six word story’ for the CPD23 programme: Learned a Lot.  Need a Nap.

In other words, 23 Things has been an interesting and  informative but very intense learning journey and I think I need some down-time now to just reflect and catch my breath – maybe even start implementing some of the Things I haven’t yet (see Thing 19) before I start to set new CPD targets.

Having said that, the positions I’m aiming for in the future all require a professional qualification, so my main development focus for the next couple of years needs to be my MSc qualification.

As I’m quite new to the profession, I’m also hoping to continue to gain practical experience in all aspects of library work, particularly using the LMS and gaining further confidence with customer service – so I’ll keep an eye out for opportunities in these areas.
Putting together an action plan with SMART targets or using the SWOT analysis are definitely positive ways to think about CPD and I’ll be returning to them at the end of my MSc to reassess, reflect and see where I need to go next…


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