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23 Things – 10/23 Qualifications in Librarianship

Thing 10 is all about Library Qualifications.  That is, reflecting on qualifications that are appropriate for our current role and why we feel specific qualifications are useful (or not) as preparation for or as continuation of our professional development.  My experience of library qualifications is somewhat limited so far but I have been lucky enough to undertake a Graduate Traineeship this year,  which for me has been an excellent preparation and grounding for future professional development in Librarianship.

One thing that came to mind when I started thinking about this, particularly after reading Jen’s Blog on Certification, is that it’s a shame the Graduate Trainee year doesn’t provide trainees with any kind of qualification, certification or credit toward an accreditation of some kind at its completion.  I understand why  – issues relating to expense, organisation and time – and of course, the purpose of a traineeship is intended to prepare candidates for Library School, but with many trainees finding it difficult to go on to afford Library School, encouraging them to aim to at least begin something like CILIP’s certification (which can take up to two years for a newbie) is an interesting idea! (Good luck Jen!)

Having said all of that – what the trainee year does aim to provide is experience and this it provides brilliantly!  My traineeship in Oxford has provided me with a fantastic and wide-ranging experience of Librarianship.  In detail, this is why I think traineeships are great:

As my trainee year has come to a close, I’m now looking forward to embarking on a MSc in Information and Library Management in September!  After my MSc,  I will hopefully aim for Chartership.  This is a pretty standard career progression as far as I can tell but as the vast majority of professional posts require a postgraduate degree in Librarianship, it’s the route that will hopefully get me to where I want to be in my career in a couple of years time.  Whatever route you end up taking in your career, I do think it’s important to have a plan and an aim to keep developing your skills – even if you don’t stick to it in the end or end up having to move sideways or backwards to get to your goal!


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23 Things – 6/23 and 7/23 Networks

Thing 6 and Thing 7 are both about networks and networking, on-line and in the real world. 

In Thing 1, I said I was looking forward to these ‘Things’ as I thought that they would be some of the most useful of the set tasks.  I’m not a natural net-worker by any stretch of the imagination, so I was hoping for some useful advice and some tools to take forward in my career.  I think over-all, this was, happily, achieved!

For example, some great advice came from a link to Joeyanne’s blog ‘Libraryanne’, on the CPD page. It was called ‘Networking for Introverts‘ which is a review of the book ‘Networking for People Who Hate Networking’ by Devora Zack.  Not only is it a great review but Joeyanne shares some of the book’s tips which I found pretty helpful!

There were a lot of options to choose from in the CPD blog for both ‘Things’, which goes to show just how much info professionals network!  In the end, I limited myself to looking at LinkedIn, CILIP / CILIP Communities and LISPN.  I’m not including Facebook as I’ve decided to keep my FB account private for friends and family only – with so many other options, there’s no need to have library networks everywhere!


LinkedIn is essentially an on-line CV where people can see where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you’re going professionally.  It’s a useful tool for researching a career or a career path you’re interested in and helping you connect to people who can offer the right kind of professional advice.

As I’m not currently looking for a job or working on any difficult projects – LinkedIn doesn’t really seem too relevant at the moment.  I can however, see how it might be useful in the future, which is why I’ve filled in my profile and started making connections to people I already know in the Library world.

Watch this space?


CILIP / CILIP Communities

I became a member of CILIP a couple of months ago, received the membership pack and promptly put it safely in a draw to look at later – last week I finally fished it out again!  The reason I joined CILIP was mainly down to an interest in doing Chartership at a later stage in my career and a vague notion that there were other useful membership benefits. On actually reading the welcome pack, I found out a bit more about these benefits and the ones which stood out most included: events, training and access to a range of professional e-journals.  These are areas I’ll definitely need to explore further, especially ‘Events’ as I’ve heard great things about the CILIP New Professionals Day back in May!  I’ve also found the CILIP ‘Update’ and ‘Gazette’ publications useful ways of staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the profession.

I had a quick look at CILIP Communities too and admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of available information in there – between all of the forums, blogs, branches and groups!  While I’m pretty sure a lot of that information will be interesting and useful, it’s going to take time for me to actually take it all in.

um…watch this space?



Again, as with CILIP Communities, I found myself a bit overwhelmed by all of the available information!  It seems to come down to ‘so much to read, such little time to read it in!’  LISNPN wasn’t quite so overloaded as CILIP though and I did particularly like the ‘Downloadable Resources’ section.   I also noticed a couple of forum threads that I could jump into as they’re relevant to my current situation! 

If I was to choose between the two on-line communities, I might opt for LISNPN as a gentle introduction before attempting to tackle CILIP’s vast communities!

In Sum:

I’ve enjoyed delving into the world of networks, though as there seems to be a need for a fair amount of time to be invested in getting the most from any of the above, I can’t help but wonder if Twitter isn’t a more efficient and effective way to go about networking on-line – at least for me at this current moment in time.  (The number of posts on LISNPN’ forum with ‘No Replies’ suggests that I’m not the only one who struggles to find the time to fit it all in!)

However, if nothing else, these ‘Things’ have motivated me to actually join and explore some of the more popular on-line networking sites, giving me more options should I ever need to use them and also provided me with an opportunity to attended a fun, informal gathering to get to know some other CPDers!

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