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E-Resources are Cool!

[This post is based on a Graduate Trainee Session on E-Developments and my own experiences.  See the introductory post here. ]

Top 10 Reasons that E-Resources are Cool!

  • Online collections are more accessible. Readers have access to e-resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – whenever and wherever they are (as long as they have internet connection!)
  • E -books are always in stock so there is no need to wait for reservations, you can get a copy instantly.
  • Marking e-books is fine! E-books are personal and readers can highlight and annotate without destroying the original book!
  • When reading e-Books you can change the font style, colour and more to make reading more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • E-resources add value to service
  • E-resource opens up collections to new readers (e.g. distance learners)
  • There is no wear or tear on collections, the original book can be preserved and readers have access to a text in pristine condition – no missing pages or dusty covers!
  • E-books enable full text searches so you can find what you need quickly
  • E-books are portable! You can read on the go with a laptop, notebook, eReader or mobile device.
  • No more fines! E-books automatically remove from your device meaning no late fines!

And the downsides in brief…

  • e-resources can be expensive!
  • e-resources involve a lot of testing, we need to be certain that our resources will work on a number of different mobile platforms as well on the usual PC/MAC
  • Keeping up to date when technology improves can be costly and time consuming
  • Ensuring readers understand how to access and use the latest e-resources effectively is another challenge

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