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23 Things – 21/23 Promoting Yourself in Job Applications and at Interview

Thing 21 is about recognising your skills and promoting yourself in order to get the job you really want (and that is right for you!)  I have to agree with Maria Giovanna De Simone in the Thing 21 post when she suggests that at least some of our strengths lie in the things we love to do and that our interests and skills go hand in hand.  I found the process of reflecting on my skills and strengths quite interesting and helpful in identifying what I enjoy doing and how that has affected the skill areas I feel most confident in.

Interests, Skills and Strengths

Recently, I’ve realised that what I really enjoy doing both at home and at work are projects – especially creative or technical projects – whether it’s crafting something at home or reclassifying History books at work, I find the process of planning, executing and reflecting on a completed project to be quite satisfying.

When I thought about the skills involved in this kind of work (and in a couple of other interests I came up with) I arrived at the following list:

Focus and perseverance; creativity and problem solving; technical understanding and researching new ideas; planning, organising and working within a team.

Happily, I do feel that I have some strengths in these areas and that I can use them positively in my career .

CVs and Interviews

I have a ‘master copy’ of my CV which includes all of the experiences and achievements I’ve had over the years.  I add to this whenever I complete something new and select from it when I’m applying for jobs.  As I’ve just completed my Graduate Traineeship, it is in need of a bit of updating – so I’ve added that to my to-do-list!

When it comes to interview tips I think the most important is the ‘prepare, prepare, prepare’ mantra.  The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel on the day.

I also found Jenica Rogers’ Blog ‘Show up and be smart’ a useful guide to interview preparation!


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