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New Technology and E-Resources

There is no denying that the future of libraries is digital and a lot of my recent training has emphasised the latest digital and technological trends in libraries right now.

  • On a visit to Oxford Brookes University library we were given a brief talk about how their use of technology and social media has evolved over the past few years – emphasising the importance of ensuring library technology is up to date and used effectively.
  • During a trainee session on E-Developments we were given an overview of e-resources at the Bodleian Libraries and introduced to some of the issues facing the development of e-journals and Open Access Repositories.
  • At a talk at the Radcliffe Science Library, they detailed their experiences with new technology such as iPads, Kindles and QR Codes, looking at the benefits and issues new technologies bring to everyday life at the library.

Below are links to blog posts in which I’ve summarised and expanded on some of the ideas and challenges raised in these sessions.

Yay for the New Shiny Things!

QR Codes

E-Resources are Cool!

Open Access

One of the main ideas that came across from these sessions was that libraries need to constantly evolve and try new things – even if they don’t work out as expected.  As the caretakers of information and knowledge, it’s important (perhaps now, in the digital age, more than ever) that we adapt to changes in the way information and knowledge is both produced, stored and absorbed by readers so that we can provide the best service possible.


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