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23 Things – 6/23 Pinterest

Thing 6 is about On-line Social Networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, CILIP, LISNPN and LAT.

I’m going to be looking at these networks in my next blog post but first I wanted to think about Thing 6 blog post question: ‘Do you think that sites like Google+ and Pinterest offer added value for social networking?’

I’ve heard a lot about Pinterest lately so I decided to focus on this over Google+

Pinterest is a virtual pin board and its goal is described as being: “to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.”  You upload images and arrange them in an album called a ‘board’.  You can also add comments to go with your images and can ‘re-pin’ other people’s images to your own board. It reminds me a bit of a social mood board.

Helen Murphy (Thing 6) suggested that the advantages of Social Networking come down to:

  1. Becoming better known
  2. Becoming better connected
  3. Becoming better equipped

I found that Pinterest can work to support your on-line social networking…

Becoming Better Known:

Pinterest allows you to create boards that can promote your professional interests or professional achievements.

A great example of this is the University of Sunderland Pinterest Boards, which advertises their services, aims and interests through images of their marketing projects and ‘things we like’.

Becoming Better Connected:

Pinterest allows you to ‘Re-pin’ something to your own board, ‘Like’ a pin or ‘Comment’ on a pin – so you can connect with people or institutions that share your aims or interests and use it to develop ideas.

Becoming Better Equipped:

This is where Pinterest really could shine as it’s all about sharing and developing ideas.  If libraries started to share their ideas visually this way, it could be a useful ‘Go To’ source for the latest trends or information.  It’s also a fun, visual way to share inspiration!

Possible Applications?

  • Highlighting  library displays (As West Warwick Library did here)
  • Highlighting library events (What does your library do that could inspire other libraries?)
  • Highlighting library study spaces (I’d love to see a Pinterest with pictures of all the libraries in Oxford and their services!)
  • Promoting library projects (using Pinterest to follow your project in pictures and words)
  • Sharing favourite library resources (e.g. books, software, people, signs, stationary!)

In my opinion, although Pinterest seems to be still quite a newcomer to the social network scene, it’s got potential and looks like a lot of fun 🙂


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