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23 Things – 17/23 Prezi and Slideshare


I was quite excited about getting to try out Prezi for Thing 17 as it’s a new and exciting tool that I’ve seen used really well by others.  However, once I started trying to using it my excitement rather quickly drained away in frustration.  This is most likely due to the fact I started from scratch when I should have experimented with templates first, I just wanted to do something quickly and I also didn’t have a project planned out beforehand.  I do feel like I learned quite a bit by playing around and making mistakes though – so all was not lost!

Prezi seems to involve a lot of planning and a lot of patience to make something really worthwhile and while my first few attempts weren’t quite so positive, I think the next time I have a suitable project to do I will give Prezi another go as it has such great potential for making creative and visually attractive presentations.

I did find it much easier to simply import some Power Point slides into the Prezi programme, (although it did make a mess of all of the lovely editing I’d done in PowerPoint) so that will be the best way forward in future!


I’ve used slide share a couple of times now and found it quite useful for displaying my presentations on the web.  I especially like that slideshows can be embedded into blog posts which makes them very easy to share.

To Prezi or To Powerpoint, that is the question…

Prezi seems to be the ‘in thing’ at the moment and it is a very dynamic and creative tool which can express ideas in completely different ways to Powerpoint but I don’t think it’s time to just forget about Powerpoint as a medium for presenting.  One of the important things to remember when presenting (or teaching) is that the medium needs to fit the message and sometimes Prezi might not be the right medium.  Although we’ve probably all experienced ‘death by powerpoint’, it is possible to be creative with this too – as with creating a great Prezi – it just takes time and effort to create a  great Powerpoint presentation.


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Presentations and Social Media

This week our Graduate Trainee session was a chance for us to practice for our presentation showcase.  We have each been working on a project throughout our trainee year and are due to share what we’ve done in July. We were given lots of useful, practical tips for making sure we’re as prepared and relaxed as we can be on the day, such as:

  • Thinking about the objectives of our presentation – what we, our supervisors and our audience aim to get from it
  • Planning the presentation using a storyboard to ensure variation in techniques (e.g. telling stories, relating facts, displaying images)
  • Connecting with our audience by being in the moment, being enthusiastic and having a positive mind set!

As someone who isn’t generally comfortable giving presentations (yes, despite being a teacher in a past life!) I found the advice quite reassuring and positive.  Hopefully, all will be well on the day!

For part of the session we were asked to prepare a short talk so we could practise some of the skills involved.  I decided to base mine on the work I’ve been doing in the Library  on Social Media as it’s something I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in!

For those who are interested in finding out more about how we use social media at St Hugh’s here is the slideshow from my presentation:

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