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23 Things – 19/23 Integration

23 Things has been quite a speedy drive through a lot of useful information and tools so far and when I arrived at Thing 19, I was a bit disheartened as I didn’t feel as though I’d managed to integrate much of anything yet.  However, on closer inspection, I realised that I have started to make little inroads in some areas…

Social Media Tools:

  • RSS

The tool I’ve found most useful here is definitely RSS feeds.  I’d always been aware of them on the periphery but never really known how to use them effectively.  23 Things not only explained to me what they were but helped me create an organised list that was easy to manage and follow.  It’s much simpler to keep up with current news or interesting posts by having them all in one place.

  • Twitter / Blogs

23 Things has also boosted my twitter / blog use as I now follow a great range of cpd23ers, from different sectors and parts of the country, who have interesting views and some great ideas to share.


Productivity Tools:

  • Mendeley

I’ve only just started using Mendeley for my course at UWE and have found it very useful for organising information and keeping track of the articles and books I’m reading.  I hope that my new understanding of Mendeley will also come in useful if any readers at St Hugh’s need advice on referencing tools in the future.

  • Google Drive

Although I’ve not have the opportunity to use Google Drive yet, it really impressed me with its range of features and sharing capabilities and I’m glad to know it’s there if I ever need it for a project in the future.


Professional Development:

  • Reflective practice

Reflecting on different aspects of this programme has helped me to become more reflective in work.  It’s still an area I need to develop but having my Thing 5 blog post and the reflective framework I developed there makes the process a lot easier.


There are still a number of ‘things’ from the programme that I should have integrated into my timetable that I haven’t quite managed yet – online networking being one of the main ones!  Finding the time to get started is still the main issue but I am determined to get there eventually!

There are also a number of great tools that I’d love to integrate into my work but don’t currently have the opportunity – for example using Wikis or Prezi or Jing on an actual library project.  However, one of the great things about 23 Things is that, even if I don’t have a practical use for the tools or am unable to currently make the most of the information shared, I am more aware of what is out there and when the time is right, I’ll be more prepared and ready to move forward from a strong staring point.


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The Big Book Move

We recently completed a slightly epic book move project, which saw our Librarian’s long-held ambition of having all of the books on the ground floor rearranged into the correct number order, come to life!  This will (hopefully) help make it a lot easier for our readers (and me) to find and re-shelve books.

With support from our Librarian, I was given the challenge of organising and planning the move and in order to celebrate its completion (and in honour of my addiction to ‘The Great British Bake Off‘) I created a useful (if not entirely serious) ‘recipe’ guide to show how I did it!

I definitely enjoyed the challenge and it’s great to stand back and see the final result with everything tidy and in order.

As it was my first book move project, I learned a lot about the process and would feel confident approaching the next one.  I also gained great experience in managing the project; having to make decisions on the best order for the move and how best to utilise resources such as other members of staff, available trolleys and time.

Next steps? I guess this is making sure the ground floor stays tidy and in order 🙂 But also making sure our readers can find things in the new order.  I’m also looking forward to applying the skills gained here in future projects too!

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23 Things – 1/23

As I’m making my way into the last three months of my graduate traineeship and heading off to Library School in September, I decided that now would be a useful time to take up the 23 Things Course.  Why now? Well I’m hoping that the reflective practice involved in 23 Things will help me to focus my ideas on what I want to learn in the future and how to make the most of what I have learned as a trainee.

I first heard about 23 Things before starting my traineeship, when I was trying to find out more about the profession and the chance, in particular,  to learn more about the shiny toys available on-line sounded like fun!  Although I know what’s out there, I’ve never been able to organise myself into giving it a go – now’s my chance and I’m looking forward to sharing the fun with other CPD23-ers!

So…some predictions:

The Thing I’m most looking forward to…Thing 17 – learning about Prezi and Slideshare!

The Thing that will be most helpful for libschool… Thing 13 – tools for organising references!

The Thing that I will find really useful… Thing 6 – online networks!

The Thing I’ll find the hardest… Thing 15 – even thinking about speaking at a conference is hard! :-p


So there we go, one Thing down, twenty two to go!

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