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23 Things – 18/23 Jing and Podcasts

Jing – Screen Capture

I first heard about screen capture technology last year when I was volunteering at Sunderland University Library, where the talented @tallforahobbit had created some great ‘How to’ guides for accessing various library resources using Camtasia. Screen Capture tools are a fantastic way of showing our users what they need to do and how they need to do it because they provide a very direct, very visual instruction and they could help to answer some of the FAQs users have more efficiently.  I imagine that they also  tie in especially well with the ‘chat to a librarian’ instant messaging resource many academic libraries now have running!

I also enjoyed reading about Alyson Tyler’s adventures with Screencast-o-matic when doing a presentation on Social Media for colleagues as it shows that screen capture can be a great way to share good practice and train staff effectively!

As for using Jing myself – I loved it!  One of my tasks for UWE this week was describe how to find electronic journals on the subject of Library Management Systems using the Library Catalogue.  I had to do the task in writing but I thought it would be a good task to try out on Jing too.  I found it very simple to use and created a (soundless) video in a couple of minutes – obviously, if I were to make one for use in the library it would take a little more time and planning, but even for just a quick trail, the results were very effective!

It’s such a simple tool but has great potential!


Podcasts are also an interesting resource – I’ve seen them used for academic purposes or ‘just for fun’ learning but not really in the context of the library world.  It’s not something I personally would find very helpful as I can never really concentrate on things like audio-books but I’m opening to finding good examples that change my mind!


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