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23 Things – 12/23 Putting the Social into Social Media

Just how social am I?

The simple answer: not very!

It’s not that I don’t want to be more involved and interactive in social media, I just find it quite challenging for two main reasons:

Time – keeping up to date with twitter, blogs, blog comments and forums all takes time.  Participation in social media for me is a bit of a time management issue…not because I don’t have some spare time to hand occasionally but because of point number two…

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Confidence – most of the time, I don’t feel as though I have anything interesting to add…or I realise I might have had something to say but only when it’s too late! It also tends to take me forever to actually write anything (see point about time) because I spend so long trying to make sure it’s suitable/useful/sensible/perfect before I send it out there.

The confidence issue partly comes down to the fact I’m just starting out in the profession and still have a lot to learn – once I become more sure of my footing I’m sure I’ll have more to say.  For now I’m happy to sit back and take it all in – jumping in on the odd occasion when I feel I can… and CPD23 has most definitely helped to increase the number of times I’ve taken the leap recently…

Speaking of which

I did take part in a UKLibchat discussion on Twitter!  The chat was based on Library Spaces and Space management and since my Trainee Project was based around the topic questions, I decided to join in!  It was an interesting discussion with participants from a wide range of sectors and some fun ideas were shared too.  If it were something I did more regularly, I’m sure I’d get to know the other participants more too – so that’s something to aim for in the future.

Time for a Plan of Action!

  • Set aside a specific time each week to read blogs I follow and comment on at least two of them [by the end of the week]
  • Look for a blog from a different sector to follow [by the end of the week]
  • Take part in another UKLibChat [by the end of the month]
  • Choose a Library forum to become active in [by the end of September]

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Presentations and Social Media

This week our Graduate Trainee session was a chance for us to practice for our presentation showcase.  We have each been working on a project throughout our trainee year and are due to share what we’ve done in July. We were given lots of useful, practical tips for making sure we’re as prepared and relaxed as we can be on the day, such as:

  • Thinking about the objectives of our presentation – what we, our supervisors and our audience aim to get from it
  • Planning the presentation using a storyboard to ensure variation in techniques (e.g. telling stories, relating facts, displaying images)
  • Connecting with our audience by being in the moment, being enthusiastic and having a positive mind set!

As someone who isn’t generally comfortable giving presentations (yes, despite being a teacher in a past life!) I found the advice quite reassuring and positive.  Hopefully, all will be well on the day!

For part of the session we were asked to prepare a short talk so we could practise some of the skills involved.  I decided to base mine on the work I’ve been doing in the Library  on Social Media as it’s something I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in!

For those who are interested in finding out more about how we use social media at St Hugh’s here is the slideshow from my presentation:

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