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23 Things – 4/23

(Just a little bit late to the party….)

Thing 4 is all about tools for Current Awareness, in particular we’re looking at Twitter, RSS and Storify.

Current awareness tools in the library world are really important for making sure we are providing the best service we can and ensuring the promotion and sharing of good practice throughout the profession!  They’re also a fun way of maintaining CPD and just sharing the news and events that have meaning to us.


(I got bored of writing in paragraphs, hence a diagram! 🙂 )

I do like and enjoy using Twitter the most out of the three current awareness tools we’re looking at for Thing 4.  I think because Twitter only allows such short updates, it’s much easier to see or post what is happening as it happens.  The reTweet feature generally helps to ensure you rarely miss anything important or interesting, creating lists helps to keep tweets manageable and the # feature provides a great way to search out just the information you’re looking for.



Although I’ve known about RSS for a while,  I admit to being a bit confused by it all.  I didn’t know it stood for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ for one and had no idea that Google Reader was just an RSS feed reader!  Once that clicked, RSS became much easier to understand (Huzzah!) as I’ve been using RSS under the guise of Google Reader for months!

I’ve found Google Reader to be a really valuable tool, especially since beginning CPD23 as it would be impossible to keep up with so many blogs without it.  I also follow blogs by authors, other libraries and friends and thanks to a tip from Lizzie’s Thing 4 Blog I’ve now re-organised all of my feeds into helpful folders.  What I also like about Google Reader is that it indicates when new blog posts are available to read very clearly with a number beside the blog name – this just means I can see at a glance who has posted and where I need to catch up!

The only downside I can think of really is that well…it’s not the prettiest of interfaces! But its practical, so that works for me 🙂



I hadn’t heard of Storify before Thing 4 but having looked at a few of the examples given in the CPD23 blog it has certainly piqued my interest.  It’s something I think I’ll need a little more time to fully explore so I’m going to come back to it in one of our catch up weeks!

To end, here is a fun Storyify that was Tweeted the other day: Terrifying French Children’s Books by Jenny Colgan.


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