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23 Things – 4/23 [Part 3]

So it turns out I couldn’t actually wait to give Storify a go – especially when there was a major astronomical event just waiting to be ‘Storified’! Behold:  23 Things – 4/23 [Part2] Storify: The Transit of Venus

(I apologise for the lack of library theme, but this event seemed like a good topic to practice on!)

I quite enjoyed using Storify, it was pretty quick and simple to use.  You can choose to set up an account or simply log in via Twitter or Facebook.  The main Storify page looks like this:

You type your key words into the search box (just once!) and can move back and forth between the different media sources, dragging and dropping items into the story pad (on the left).  The media sources present a good range of items to choose from and I was happy to see the Instagram icon though disappointed by a lack of results!  I also found myself having to trawl through Twitter results for a while to find the most relevant items.  I’d recommend putting the ‘Storify Bookmarklet’ to use if you’re after specific tweets – it’s easy to install and after a little time, the tweets I’d selected appeared in the story editor. (Although, now I have no idea how to delete them from there…)

I’m not sure how others have found using the ’embed’ option with WordPress but mine didn’t like it very much so in the end I chose to just ‘export’ the Story to my blog, which worked much better – but (be warned) did instantly publish the Story.

This might just be me, but I do find the end product looks a bit disorganised – I’m not sure if with more time and attention to detail, you can make the stories look a bit more presentable but I think I’d like to see more editing tools available in the future.  However, it’s a great tool for quickly gathering together important and relevant information. For example, today I saw it being put to great use drawing together responses from a recent uklibchat on Twitter: #uklibchat – Libraries and Leadership


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