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23 Things – 8/23 and 9/23 Getting Organised

Thing 8 – Google Calendar


Image: ‘Galactic Empire October Calendar

Happily on attempting to create a Google Calendar, I discovered that I already have one (I keep forgetting that my sky account is basically a sneakily disguised Google account) so I had a quick look at its various features, pressed some buttons and decided that, while it is very nice and shiny, I probably won’t be using it in a personal context – though it’s good to know it’s available should I need it.

At work however, our calendar, based in Microsoft Outlook, is a valuable and vital tool.  Not only does it allow us to schedule meetings with ease, it allows us to know where team members might be if a reader needs to speak to them, helps us plan in specific time for long term or short term projects and can set reminders for specific tasks or meetings.  I can also access my calendar from any computer with Internet access using my personal log in. 

As far as I can tell after a cursory glance, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar seem to be quite similar and should I change to an institution in the future where they prefer Google’s version, it wouldn’t take too much getting used to.

There do seem to be some quite exciting things you can do with Google Calendar with regard to reader communications – as outlined in the blog linked to at the bottom of the CPD 23 –Thing 8 post, which looks at ‘Ways libraries are using Google Calendar.’   While not relevant to my current position, it will be useful to keep an eye on such developments for later in my career.

On a similar note, one on-line organisational tool that I do love is Doodle.  It allows you to easily organise an event with people who often have conflicting or busy schedules.  The host or organiser suggests a list of dates and times and the potential attendees indicate when they are available.  Simple but effective!


Thing 9 – Evernote

While Evernote is not something I really need in my current position, I can see how it will be very useful for Library School in September. 

In hindsight, I can already see how useful it would have been for my graduate trainee project as I was collecting information from a range of sources such as webpages, twitter, e-mails and blogs.  For my project, I actually collated them all in a Word Document, which did the job well enough, but I would have perhaps felt a little bit more organised using Evernote instead and wouldn’t have had to keep e-mailing myself the documents as I updated them!

While Evernote can be used for things like to-do-lists, shopping lists etc, I prefer to use the notes and reminders features on my iPhone for that kind of thing so for me Evernote is going to primarily be a study tool.  Evernote actually reminds me of a type of ‘DropBox’ (coming in Thing 13!) which makes sense as both are children of ‘The Cloud’ ( see excellent Cat’s Eye blog from last year’s 23 Things for an explanation).  I love using Dropbox so I’m sure I’ll find Evernote just as useful when I get down to study and research again.


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